About us

What is oTwo?

a committed brand
which ambition is to replace cars by bikes
and manufacture them locally

Who has it been designed for?

with and without kids

How can we reach such expectations?

simple and smart design
produce through partnerships with pure players
to get high quality components

Where can one find those great products?

right here! www.otwo.bike
and soon by your place!

Who’s behind this amazing project?

Seb @ otwo BnW

Sebastien Frys

holistic designer & eco-conviced engineer

With more than 15 years of experience in product design and industrialisation, He’s now looking for new challenges.

Gauthier Vignon

Seasoned entrepreneur & lowtech enthusiast

After heaters, LED screen and 3D printers, he’s now focussing on Mobility.

got @ otwo BnW